Defined as Rational By the Irrational

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Defined as Rational By the Irrational

What would have been seen as an irrational act 20 years ago is now seen as something that is rational now.  The world as some knew it ‘back in the day’ seems to have changed oh so much in just these few short years.  Men and women of all ages, of all nationalities, and of all cultures take things for granted so much.  Christianity is looked at as just another idea and put into the same pot as Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, and the other religions out there and it would seem as if the idea of Atheism has become more of the norm than what it use to be as something of the not so norm.

            The theories such as the “Big Bang” and “evolution” run rampant throughout our society.  Children grow up believing that the Bible is merely another book, with another title, and more stories to tell from.  They are told in schools to be individuals and to be independent in all that they do as that is how one survives in the ‘real world’.  What may have been seen as merely theories or ideas 20…even 15 years ago have become more scientific and historical realities to some.

            Homosexuality has become a tolerated lifestyle to the point of people blaming it on birth instead of choice.  Even the battle of Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice has taken on a whole new look and Pro-Choice seems to have more support as time goes on.  The very act of prayer in schools is looked down upon and even taken the point of punishment for those who are involved in such things.  This is even when our very own Bill of Rights says we have certain freedoms that support the very act of prayer.

            Economists would define a rational decision as any decision that one makes that raises his or her utility.  In other words, any decision you make that makes you happy or ‘better off’ is rational.  No matter the circumstances involved, no matter the consequences caused, and no matter whom else the decision effects and how it affects them, if it raises your utility, then you have made a rational choice/decision. This way of thinking albeit be very diluted and twisted, seems to have become the normal way of thinking in our society.

            It would almost seem that those who would have been seen as irrational 15-20 years ago have now become the rational thinkers of our society.  Those of us who were considered children of God at one point by the majority are now seen as simple Bible-Thumpers who aren’t rational thinkers and should not be taken seriously.

            It is my belief that the very way of thinking mentioned above along with the few crazy things I have taken the time to point out are the true irrational ideas, choices, and theories.  Thankfully I know the truth!  It is with rational thought and a fully committed heart that the God I serve is One Lord, He is fully in control, and He is everything to me!

            Jesus is Coming Soon!  With every passing hour of every passing day I can see where things are all just adding up to the very peak of time that all believers have been waiting for.  The time when we see Jesus and the rapture of the church take place!  My friends, we are living in the most exciting time in the history of the church.  The time that the disciples and apostles could only preach and teach about is upon us!  It is my belief that it is time for us to take a stand!  It is time for us to increase our efforts in our attempts to reach the lost everywhere with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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