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What The World Is Waiting For

By Susan Niswonger / 8 months ago

I love traveling by car.  You may not arrive at the destination as quickly, but the journey is a lot more interesting.  I enjoy traveling through quaint little out-of-the way towns.  You can find the most amazing lawn ornaments and view architecture born in the mind of the homeowner rather than the clean lines regurgitated […]


All The Kings Horses…

By Sheri Boulet / 8 months ago

Have you ever thought about Humpty Dumpty? Seriously…. Humpty Dumpty was an egg, or so I have always been lead to believe. He was an egg that elevated himself to a perch on a wall, and from that wall he fell off, irreparable broken as he landed. The nursery rhyme mentions nothing about what happens […]


Grammie, What A Lifesaver!

By Pauline Berger / 9 months ago

I scooted to the edge of my pew, I was trying to catch her eye.  I knew if she saw me, that would be all I would need to accomplish my mission.  She turned her head toward me and just as I knew she would, she motioned for me to come and sit by her.  […]


Oh But For The Mercies Of God

By George Nava / 9 months ago

OH BUT FOR THE MERCIES OF GOD   Oh but for the MERCIES of God there go I : CEV- Lam 3:22  The LORD’s kindness never fails! If he had not been merciful, we would have been destroyed. ERV- 3:22  We are still alive because the LORD’S faithful love never ends. 23    The LORD can […]


It’s Your Choice

By Sheri Boulet / 9 months ago

Several years ago I was in a situation where someone I was very close to was constantly miserable. And in response to that, anytime I was around that person, guess what? I was miserable, too. I hate miserable!! Finally, in a fit of desperation, I confronted the person… “If this is the way you want […]


God Wants You To Love Yourself

By Carol Clemans / 9 months ago

Did you know God wants you to love you?  You might want to argue with me and say, “No, we are supposed to be humble. Loving yourself is selfish!”  My response, “No it’s not!”  Let’s see what God says to do. I remember Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?” He immediately responded, “Hear, […]


Oh Little Child!

By Debra Jones / 9 months ago

Oh little child, here I am, Oh little child, Come There is no more pain, no more tears, I am here, come little child come. I will wash those hurts away, and fill your mind with peace, come little child come. Drop the anchor of your anger, and step into the realm of love, my […]


The Eye of the Beholder

By Holly Settles / 9 months ago

Many years ago, I went through a personal battle of self-will and finding “my own way” in life.  I was raised in church, but came to a point where I found myself in a state of rebellion and bitterness.  I was an angry 18 year old girl, trying to figure out my place.  I made […]


When It’s Right to Suffer Wrong

By Sheri Boulet / 10 months ago

When It’s Right to Suffer Wrong My Pastor preached a wonderful message from Psalm 69 titled “The Zeal of Thine House” from verse 9. It spoke right to me, as usual. I am afraid I have been *accused* of being over-zealous in my relationship with God. So, just to set the record straight… I am. […]


Dancing in the Spirit

By Debra Jones / 10 months ago

Dancing in the Spirit I am broken laying at your feet Listening to the rhythm of the music in my head My humble soul cries out to you Without utterance from my lips Tears flow like rivers, running down my face My heart is pained beyond comprehension My body resists movement planted firmly in place […]

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