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What Happens When You Die

By Phyllis Corbin / last week

What Happens When You Die? 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 The apostle Paul addresses the question, what is the fate of those who die “in Christ” before He returns? The believers in the Greek city of Thessalonica knew that Jesus has risen from the dead and alive and that He would return. They had been taught to […]


Holy Ghost Filled Water!

By Debra Jones / a couple of weeks ago

Holy Ghost Filled Water! I have been in a heated trial for the last year. My secret payer had been for God to restore my joy. Then my Pastor, (Pastor Wayne Huntley) announced during a recent sermon, God was going to answer our secret prayers, no one else knew, except God and you. That Sunday […]


Standing Against All Odd

By Lynne Conley / a couple of weeks ago

Standing Against All Odds By: Lynne Conley The ‘’Major Prophets’’ were men that stood against evil in the Old Testament. The Major Prophets were men such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel.  King Nebuchadnezzar was a king of the Babylonian Empire during that period of time. ‘’Children in whom was no blemish, but well-favored, and […]


Defining Moments (Part One)

By David Green / a couple of weeks ago

A Defining Moment (Part One) I believe that there are moments in people’s lives that help define who they are and where they end up going. These moments are not many but few. These moments not only impact a person’s life but help to shape that person’s life from that point on. Sometimes they are […]


Jonah – A Type Of Israel

By Phyllis Corbin / a couple of weeks ago

Jonah – A Type Of Israel (Jonah 3:1-2) I. Introduction A. Surprised, stunned and confused, Jonah sat on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea after he had been disgorged by the fish. 1. What would he do now? It wasn’t long before God would let him know. 2. Notice in our text – no sooner […]



By George Nava / a couple of weeks ago

What meaneth this? Hum its Easter? But I like to call it Christ resurrection day! A lot of things going on and families gathering.  Egg hunts, chocolate bunnies, candies, and bar-b-qs. But what does it all really mean?  To you? To me? To them?  All the while people celebrate?  Today many others go without, many […]


The Big NO NO!!!

By George Nava / 3 weeks ago

The Big NO NO!!! The Marriage Issue: Divorce, and remarriage? According to recent statistics, it is claimed that the Church herself has a higher divorce rate than the secular world .(a sad commentary and reflection upon the Church per se ) Could this be due to our misinterpretation and misapplication of the biblical injunctions and […]


A Weighty Matter

By Debra Jones / 3 weeks ago

God’s women come in all sizes and shapes with varying degrees of weight. I am so tired of seeing my fellow sisters striving to reach goals that are not only unhealthy for them but also unattainable and disproportionate to their height and frame. I believe we need to exercise and eat healthily, but let’s be […]


The Debt of Love

By John Howell / 3 weeks ago

The average American owes $2300 in credit card debt. That is taking all of the credit card debt and dividing it by the number of people. In reality, most people owe a lot more than that because not everyone has a credit card. I know a lot of you don’t live in the United States, but it is an excellent example of how much debt a person can have. The Apostle encourages us not the owe anyone anything except the debt of love.

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