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The Resolution of Matthew 28:19

By Phyllis Corbin / 9 months ago

The Resolution of Matthew 28:19   In an effort to do that which is pleasing to God in a spirit of love for Him, as we come to the act of water baptism we are faced with a decision about which formula or words we would have spoken over us during the ceremony.   Someone […]


Have YOU Followed Gods plan

By Phyllis Corbin / 9 months ago

Have YOU Followed God’s plan? Or is it “…another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Gal. […]


Bright Lights, Big City

By Sheri Boulet / 9 months ago

I am 42 years old, facing the graduation of my youngest child next week, and feeling the years. When I was a young girl we never really took vacations. We would go visit family. Never in my entire growing up years do I remember us taking a trip, getting a room, sight-seeing, and experiencing new […]


God is a Warrior

By Lynne Conley / 9 months ago

God is a Warrior; He is your defender, your conquering King. The victor in every battle. He puts every enemy under His feet. He will never know defeat! God is a Deliverer; He frees you from the things of the past so that you are no longer pulled down by their weight or defeated by […]


Forgive & Forget?

By Holly Settles / 9 months ago

Forgive & Forget? Over the past several months, someone very close to me has endured a painful hardship. I’ve listened to the struggles, knowing that the only thing I could do was offer support, encouragement, and prayer – because that is all I have to give, being an “outsider” to the situation. On the other […]


Identity Theft

By Michelle Dobernic / 9 months ago

  Have you been a victim of a true identity theft crime? The devil will make his attempts, it’s just a matter of time. He knows what you have, and will get his hands on whatever he can take. So you better guard your true Identity and make no mistakes. It says in the Bible, […]


I Can’t Seem To See What You Are Saying

By Susan Niswonger / 10 months ago

I Can’t Seem to See What You are Saying It had been one of those mornings I never want to repeat.  The headache had been building since the day began, but I knew I couldn’t give in to the pain because two little boys were depending on me.  Finally, Nathan was napping and Mickey Mouse […]


Treat Me Like a Dog!

By Don Doran / 10 months ago

I hope you are having a great day today! Do you have a dog? We do and one of the outstanding characteristics of a dog is their desire to please. When we come home from being gone for any length of time Molly is so happy to see us. She will bark a greeting, wag […]


Impatience Will Always Birth An Ishmael

By Susan Niswonger / a couple of years ago

Gr’ma, Gr’ma, Gr’ma, GR’MA!!!! Caleb’s impatience was coming through.  I had promised him that we would go downstairs and play after I put Baby Nathan down for his morning nap.  Caleb has the patience of a 3 year old and although he may understand the word “later,” later occurs to him much sooner than it […]


Five Hours at Water Gate

By Phyllis Corbin / a couple of years ago

FIVE HOURS AT WATER GATE NEHEMIAH 7:73 – NEHEMIAH 8:1- 12 The end of Nehemiah 7 and the beginning of Chapter 8 is somewhat reminiscent of the spirit the Pilgrim Fathers must have had when their first harvest was reaped in Jamestown. They and their American Indian friends gathered for a great celebration that since […]

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