Buying With No Money


Buying With No Money

Ever hear of buying with no money?  I am not talking about credit cards, loans, or even writing that dreaded check that you just HOPE doesn’t make it to the bank before your paycheck does. I’m not even talking about borrowing from a friend with the intentions of paying back, or swapping this for that! I’m talking about BUYING–purchasing and owning–without any means to pay for the purchase.

Isaiah 55:1 invites us to buy with no money. Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without a price. This, my friend, is an invitation we can’t afford to pass up. It is even better than that 99 % off sales we scurry to on Saturday mornings best known as Garage Sales.

The Lord tells us to buy some wine. Do you have any idea how much wine costs? I don’t. All I know is a local news station has designated so many minutes per hour to educate the wine drinkers on what brand is selling for the best price. I gather from the newscast that wine is pretty expensive and yet we (every one that thirsteth) are invited to buy it without money!!! There is nothing like the taste of His Holy Ghost Wine flowing through our veins and giving us that ‘feel good’ feeling when we need it the most. In terms of expense, His Wine is the most precious drink on the market and yet we can make this purchase without owning ONE penny.

He tells us to buy milk. Though not as costly as wine in the natural sense, it is also a precious commodity. It provides vitamins, strengthens the bones, nourishes; it’s soothing and has a certain connection with sweetness. (Think cookies and milk, cornbread and milk, chocolate milk, Nutter Butters and Milk…mmm) Milk is healthy for us. The Milk of His Word is even MORE healthy for us. God invites us to buy it even when we have no money. He knows it will make us strong and help us grow spiritually.

In this verse, the Lord is not only telling us to buy wine and milk but to buy things to eat. He says, “Come to the waters and buy…eat…drink.” Though not listed in this scripture, I am fully persuaded that His storehouse (which is referred to as the waters) includes so much more than the two items listed. I believe He has healings, miracles, blessings, reconciliations, forgiveness, mercy, grace, peace, joy, ___ you fill in the blank, and it’s there. Come! Buy with no money!

I sometimes imagine myself wading deep into those waters of His storehouse and cupping my hands, filling them with the things I so desperately need. Then I splash it all over myself-my face, my head, my body; drenching myself in the priceless commodities that I could never buy even if I did have money. Are you getting the picture? It is a never-ending supply of things that money cannot buy.

The next time you go to prayer, look on the shelves of His storehouse and approach Him honestly. “God, I need to buy from You.  I so desperately need to buy this…and this…and this…and…while I’m here I need a little of Your milk, and Holy Ghost wine…and I would really like to have this…and this…” The Bible says that He will supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory. And maybe, just because it brings Him pleasure, He’ll give you a few of your ‘wants’ too.

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