Between The Miracle And This Moment

The Greatest Miracle I Know

Between The Miracle And This Moment

Do you remember your miracle? Do you remember when you realized exactly what had taken place?

It could be something simple like finding your car keys in the exact place you had already looked 12 times or seeing $5.00 on the sidewalk when you have no money in your pockets. What about the time you were running short on food and someone showed up with some extra groceries?

It could be when the doctors said there was no hope, then He took over, or when your marriage was beyond repair and He stepped in. It could be the child that has been so lost coming back home.

He is still in the miracle business, haven’t you heard that said before? He still moves stones, still raises dead, still heals the sick, still supplies needs. He hasn’t changed.

I remember with such clarity times He has moved in my life, in my situations, in my struggles. I remember the realization that He had answered my desperate cries, the joy I felt, the awe, the relief!!

And I felt like that eagle flying high over the mountains of problems in my life. But then, time eases in and stretches out, distancing us from the miracles in our life, dulling the brilliance and importance of all He has truly done for us.

As the miracle becomes a dim, faded memory, so does our ability to believe He can do it again.

I have challenged myself to remember. I have challenged myself to thank Him, daily, for the miracles in my life.

Keeping them fresh in my mind keeps them in focus. And as I am able to keep them in focus it encourages me!!

And if I am *ENCOURAGING MYSELF* then the next time I come up against a struggle it will be a whole lot harder to revert into the “poor pitiful me” mode!

I will be able to look my problem in the face and say “Problem, I see you, but time and time again I have seen the Problem Solver in action! No matter how BIG you may seem right now, I remember other miracles before this moment, and I’m not afraid.”

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