Be ready for the Hard times

It's Not Easy

Be ready for the Hard times

The time we’re living in is simple and a totally tactical plan that has been implemented to the silence the real nature which is not to purely stop religious rights but to specifically stop the rights to speak out in the name of our only God “Jesus”.  When they shroud it in the facade of religious rights only being taken away they are not truly worried about the religions that promote other gods but are seeking to stop the promotion of the only true way.

Never in my short life have I seen the upcoming events that will surround the church be ever the more of an effect than it is now.  The people who seek try to take away the religious rights are guided by every way of evil than people can possibly imagine.  The church will soon be out of here, but I tell you while we are here the hard times are coming but the good times will follow because people will cry out to the one GOD that can deliver them.  Our country has been abandoned as far as it goes for judgment because judgment is passed on this nation and it’s up to us to win souls so that judgment will not be passed upon the soul of those who cling their ways to the ways of CHRIST.

I know nothing else but Jesus…therefore all I know is that the economic, social, religious, etc. problems will only be taken care of by Jesus Christ and no man no matter who the person may be will be able to withstand the evil of the mind which seeks to do opposite of what is truth.  The answer truly is Jesus and all those who seek to do the will of Jesus still must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and receive his Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.  The people who are scared for their lives need the answer and we have to answer to them because the hard times are here.

We are living in the last hour, or better yet the last seconds and it is time for us to be filled at all times with the Holy Ghost at all times so that we can offer no longer just words but the power of GOD through the hands of his chosen people who bare his name.

Jesus bless.

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