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christy Bahr

I have been writing poetry since the third grade. Much of what I had written was dark and depressing until I met Jesus. He has given me so much joy and peace and shown me better things to write about. I want to use my talent to bless and encourage others.


Do You Feel Like Dancing?

By christy Bahr / 10 months ago

Do You Feel Like Dancing? Did you ever feel like dancing on the devil And driving him to defeat In the midst of your trial, turmoil, temptation, or test Taking and trotting him under your feet Can you feel the heel of your foot bruising his head With every victorious leap Can you feel the […]


Are We There Yet?

By christy Bahr / last year

Are We There Yet? I once set out on a journey Oh, so many years ago Had no idea where I was going I was just too young to know. Anxious to be at my destination My dad wasn’t going fast enough The traffic lights and many stops Made the going pretty rough. We stopped […]


a judge’s pardon

By christy Bahr / a couple of years ago

A Judge’s Pardon I walked past the place when I noticed the sign, “Evil Henchmen for Hire” and I knew that must be what I was looking for, revenge for hire. Now, if I only had enough money to take care of business. After all, I had a very long list. Everyone that had ever […]