Years ago when my wife and I were newlyweds, we got involved in the Amway craze. I see your head nodding – you did too! Well, one of their encouragements was that you did not have to sell the products; they sold themselves, as you demonstrated their effectiveness. I remember removing shoe polish, waterproofing handkerchiefs and showing the purity of the laundry detergent. Say what you want about their system, the correct demonstration of their product was impressive. One truth Amway understood – if people can experience it, they will buy it.

When Jesus came on the scene, the religious establishment of the Pharisee’s and Sadducees was a religion of formality. Little could be found of spirit or life in their checklist of religious conduct.  Their doctrine contained the inspired Law of Moses, yet the application of the truths did not accomplish the spiritual revelation that was intended.

On the other hand, Jesus ministry was one of profound teaching and power, so much so, that the people were astonished because he was so different from the religious leaders (Mt 7:29, Mk 1:22). According to Matthew 4:23, Jesus came to their synagogues teaching and preaching, then he did something that the Pharisee, Sadducee and Scribes did not do – He demonstrated the difference.

We see that Jesus also instructed His marketing team (disciples) to operate in the same way. As He sent out the twelve and seventy disciples with instructions to preach the gospel of the kingdom, he also gave them power to cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead. Their express purpose was to reveal the good news of the Kingdom of heaven by preaching and giving them a demonstration of the superiority of this kingdom. (Mt 10:7-8; Lk 10:9)

The church today is His body, made up of born-again believers who are created in His image and given dominion. We are to express this dominion by preaching, teaching and demonstrating the authority of the King and His kingdom. In Mark 16, we are told that there would be miraculous signs that should follow the believers. Paul’s manner of preaching at Corinth was not just in man’s words, but in the “demonstration of the Spirit and in power” (1 Cor 2:4). The purpose was that their faith would be in the power of God. The demonstration resulted in the buy-in of the believers.

As born-again believers, we should learn a lesson from Amway, the product should sell itself. There should be such a demonstration of the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives that people will say “I want what you have!”

Food for thought – Am I demonstrating the power of the Kingdom of Heaven?

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