All The Kings Horses…

kings horses

Have you ever thought about Humpty Dumpty? Seriously….

Humpty Dumpty was an egg, or so I have always been lead to believe. He was an egg that elevated himself to a perch on a wall, and from that wall he fell off, irreparable broken as he landed. The nursery rhyme mentions nothing about what happens after *all* the kings horses and *all* the kings men were unable to mend his brokenness either. The only thing that is chronicled for all time is the fall and the aftermath of desolation for poor Humpty.

Since he was an egg, it stands to reason that the possibility was there for him to ==hatch==. From inside of him, new life could have sprung forth, if he hadn’t ventured into what can only be thought of as forbidden territory for one so fragile as an egg.

But in the aftermath any possibility of fulfilling destiny as an egg is forever dashed there upon the rocks. And we’ll never know if someone came along to sweep up the pieces, all we know about, all he is remembered for is the falling and the breaking.

To be fair, it is also never mentioned exactly “how” he got up there. We don’t know if he was placed there by someone’s hand, or if he somehow managed to hoist himself up to that wall. And we’ll never know the reason he was there.

The only thing we remember is that he fell, he was broken, and no one could fix him.

I have watched my parents age…I have watch their bodies rebel against them, watched their gaits change, their thoughts change, their bodies change.

My parents were so in love back in the day. And I thank God that love has sustained them for close to 50 years.

I would that I could give them back the joy of being young, feeling like life is worth living, obstacles are made to overcome, but I can’t do that.

I have had to watch as my parents have *tumbled* into their 60’s. Now they live in broken bodies, irreparable from the damage of the *fall*. And like the King’s Men I have scrambled about trying in vain to put back the pieces. But I can’t put them back together again….

To have been an egg, and have the sole purpose of bringing forth life, and to see all that promise broken around you must be bitter to the soul.

But I don’t want them to be remembered simply for the state they are in now….No, No, No, I want them to be remembered for everything, not just the “fall” of their lives, but also the springs, and the summers, and even how they survived the winters….

Lord, You alone can heal brokenness. You alone can reshape and remake a life. You know every broken piece. I pray You will pass this way, and bring peace, hope, joy, and the glue of the Holy Ghost to put the pieces “back together again.”

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