A Prayer for a Godly Man

Let Me *STRESS* ~ Sunday Is My Favorite Day Of The Week!

A Prayer for a Godly Man


Not long ago, I sat and prayed.

God can you hear me, this day.

I was sad and alone

Yet surrounded on all sides.

I prayed with all my heart

And a hole opened in my soul

All my desires and wishes poured forth

I paused

Did I dare ask so much?

I had looked high and low

I searched and seeked

Was love really there for one so meek?

I dropped to my knees

Clasped my hands tightly together

And said “Lord hear my plea.

I will always love you first and foremost

You come before all else

Lord, if it is your will, bring me a friend

A new best friend

A Man who puts God first values my opinion,

And will carry our decisions into the world

Who will stand up for me in any situation?

And pray for me and for us as a family.

Looking for a man who is blessed and highly favored,

Who knows it takes God first and foremost, in all endeavors,

And without him we are nothing.

A man who will listen, and speak softly to me

Bestowing hugs and kisses, and not be ashamed to

Hold my hand in public,

Someone who would like to see my smile touches my eyes

Or who at the sound of my laughter, rush in to share it with me,

Or maybe give me a hug, just for the comfort of it,

Who will totally understand why I am addicted to

Walmart and Lowes Garden Center,

Please when I laugh, if I snort, know it can’t be helped.

Promise to never hide chocolate from me, as it is essential.

What I do have to offer to a God-given relationship is priceless. I am who I am, and I make no excuses for myself. Lord as my friend peels back each layer of friendship I offer, let them know I am extending a gift. Guard my heart next to thine.


And let thine will be done!


In Jesus name, I pray.

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