Words Of Wisdom For My Children

These are some words of wisdom that I’ve learned after 51 years of living.
1.      Your parents don’t really get smarter, you just learn to listen.
2.      You only get one time around; make every day count.
3.      Nothing you can do can ever make me stop loving you.
4.      Truth matters, find it, hold to it and defend it.
5.      Every marriage is perfect, it’s the people that are imperfect.
6.      You will know you are a successful parent when your adult child starts sounding like you.
7.      God is not mad at you.
8.      Take time to do the Mickey Mouse dance with a child.
9.      Having all your family for the holidays really is the best gift.
10.  Grandchildren are the closest thing to a do-over in life.
11.  The cool kids in high school are still working at the hot dog stand.
12.  True friends are excited about your success.
13.  Nothing is more rewarding than 2 little arms around your neck and a little voice saying, I wuv you so much.”
14.  God is ready to pour all of your blessings on you if you will quit plugging the spout.
15.  If you are having a bad day, do something nice for someone else, your day will change.
16.  A clean house may make you feel accomplished, but a fun day with your family will make you feel loved.
17.  You will never really appreciate your parents until they aren’t around.
18.  Although the night is dark, God’s mercy’s are new every morning, so go to bed.
19.  Become best friends with your spouse.
20.  Find something silly to laugh about every day; who cares if no one else gets it.
21.  At the end of your life God’s opinion is the only one that matters.

Add the things you’ve learned that you would like to pass on, send it to your friends for them to add what they’ve learned.  Soon we’ll have a book of our very own Proverbs from these words of wisdom.

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