Who’s Your God?

Whos your God

Again, I refer back to my Sunday School class last week and the lesson for that day.

“Jesus Loves you and wants to be your God”

In teaching the lesson to my young students I was again reminded of what’s important from the simple lesson I was teaching.

All week I’ve been mulling over in my mind the simple lesson title and realizing that is really all God wants from us, is to be our GOD.  God with a Capital “G”.  We have many gods (lower case “g”) in our lives.  They can be all-encompassing gods or as trivial as a “Starbucks” latte.  It all depends on our attitude.

Can you “take it or leave it” or is your life “upside down” if you don’t have it? or do it? or buy it? or wear it?

I remember a time many, many years ago and hubby had been laid off from his job and there wasn’t any money coming in.  NONE!  We had two infant sons at that time and didn’t have any money to pay the gas bill.  It was disconnected!  Oh me!  I thought the world had come to an end.  I was very young then and pregnant with our third son…  😀   Life changed drastically for me for a few days!  It was winter and cold.  I went to a “pity party” attitude.  We finally got a small electric heater and put it in our bedroom and that was the only warm room in the house.  We lived in that room for several days.  Cooked on a hot plate and ate in the bedroom.

Needless to say, we survived!  At the time I thought life was awful  :D.  Whew, has my perception of life changed.  After 38 years…. YES, Praise God, it has.

Even what we think of as necessities can become “gods” or “idols” in our lives.  Not everyone in this world has the luxury of “flipping the switch”.

In spite of all the above… all HE wants is to be MY GOD through whatever comes my way.

I feel that the United States is spiraling downward quickly and not just in morals, etc. but in the way, we live and consume.  I feel that eventually, we’re going to be “owned” by China.  My son’s plant just closed down because of China.  We get everything from China.  Oh my, I won’t get on that soapbox.

Do I live the simplest life I could?  NO!  Do I still consume? Of course!  But I’m trying to learn not to buy needless junk… stuff I find that once home I never use.  I really NEEDED it didn’t I?  I am trying to eat healthily and eat more organic (without additives and hormones added, or genetically grown) foods!  It’s hard to change.

I’m not doing away with change or learning new things or even technology in general… but hey, let’s LIVE LIFE and not lead a life fed to us by the MEDIA or Hollywood.  Our individual time span on this earth isn’t very long.  Let’s make the most of it.

CHOOSE GOD to be your GOD!

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