Who needs it?

who needs it

Its obvious in this old flesh this tent we live in we cannot afford to go without it.  The Holy Ghost allows you to live above the world of sin, which my question to false-doctrine always comes how can you be Holy without the Holy Ghost?  If you do not have the Holy Ghost then there will always be sin in the house no matter how much you discipline yourself.  The bible speaks on that kind of disciplining all throughout 1 and 2 Timothy.  Its just physical discipline but the spiritual you never climb any higher and therefore you come up short.

I say this with conviction because even when I received the Holy Ghost not that long ago God gave me the ability to live above many sins that I had in my life and still I had more to overcome.  The Holy Ghost gave me the means to live above them and I’m climbing that ladder just as many other true Christians baptized in the name of Jesus and full of the Holy Ghost do.  The truth is you need the Holy Ghost just as I and anybody else does, even that flesh that God inhabited in order to be Holy had to be fully submitted to the spirit of God (Holy Ghost) in order to be the perfect sacrifice.

God showed us through Christ that no flesh that he created can live Holy apart from his spirit.  This throws some people because they say well he was God, wasn’t he?  So it was easy for him, yes he was God but the bible says he was tempted in every way (Heb 10:15) that we were, addictions, lust, greed, hate, malice, contempt, prejudice, etc.  He felt them all and was tempted in every way but he showed through the spirit of the Lord we can overcome it.

Who needs it?  We all do but we need to state that, I heard an evangelist, Bro. Michael Disotell says that we put emphasis on a lot but not enough on the spirit of God.  That is true because with the spirit of God living on the inside that is the thing that truly changes somebody.  Repenting and being baptized in the name of Jesus is the only steps to the final most important cleansing process.  Baptism of the Holy Ghost which cleans out the inside of the heart.  This is an issue within our Apostolic Churches because we live in a generation now that thinks they can do it apart from the Holy Ghost and that just is not true.  I’ve learned that and it is the only thing that we can use to spit in the face of the enemy and walk away from flesh ways.

Who needs it?  The Catholic Church, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians, Mennonite, Non-Denominational, Trinitarian so-called Pentecostals, and The Apostolic Church.  We all need it because Jesus was our example and even he being born divine still had to submit that flesh to the will of God.  The only way for us to pick up our cross and follow him daily without fail is with his spirit.

So let’s be courageous and get back to the full truth in every way more than baptism in the name of Jesus but place the emphasis on the personal relationship with Jesus from the inside out.  The end is near and people are dying more frequently and going to hell without the Holy Ghost.  Let’s help and do as Jesus commanded to make disciples in every nation and the disciples had to receive the Holy Ghost.  Jesus bless.


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