Where is your King?

where is your king

Where is your king?

Above the battlefield, two estranged brothers found themselves in a reprieve from the battle. They were both bloody, sweating, tired and out of breath.

Brothers, they were but different paths they took, made them what they were; the brother of light and the brother of darkness.

They watched from a distance as the war raged on. Darkness and Light came slow close to each other that the field looked gray. It was only when one got closer to the battle that they could see the difference.

Sounds of clanging swords, screams and victory cries could be heard from as far away as the brothers sagged against each other.

For all their differences they were still brothers. On that lonely hill, away from the bloody battleground, they could share common ground.

Eyes red from exertion and fatigue Brother Darkness implored, “Come to our side brother, it’s not too late, you cannot possibly hope to win this! You are outnumbered two to one and I would hate to see you on the losing side.

Brother Light laughed as much as his tired worn body would allow, sounding more like a whimper, only the hint of the smile made it a laugh.

“Not to worry my brother,’ he replied, regaining his strength. “You may have the numbers but we have the wisdom and courage and the will to see this through to the end!”.

Darkness scoffed as he surveyed the canyon below them. He could see the soldiers of Light fall at the hands of his comrades but the smoke cleared long enough for him to see, that some of the soldiers of Light would get right back up and prepare for a fight and some it would take longer, but they would eventually get back up.

He was surprised because he never noticed this in the heat of battle.

“Where is your king?” Light wondered out loud as he peered into the haze of conflict and dirt.

“There!” answered Darkness, pointing to a spot far removed from the battlefield. He sits

on top of his stallion, watching every move. Rejoicing when a soldier of Light fell, scowling when they got back up. He sat poised on the horse; his torso leaned so far forward to get a better glimpse of the chaos he had created. A menacing smile always lived on his lips. He enjoyed this view. He enjoyed the pandemonium.

A shiver ran down Light’s back as he tore his gaze away from the man.

Shaking his head as if it were clamped in a fog he heard his brother say, “I’m certain your King is sitting in his castle eating fine food and being entertained while you and your friends lay your life down on this ravine.”

“Not so my brother”

“Then tell me, where is YOUR king?”

“THERE!!!” he whipped his arm in the direction and pointed with such force it snapped his brothers head around.

Darkness saw him then. The Man on the horse, sword in his hand, raging fire in His eyes, purpose in His heart and a radiance that overcame the haze of hate. Even amid horrendous conflict and circumstance, He was majestic and overpowering. He fought like a lion and tore through the soldiers to rescue those who were in the most need, plucking them up before certain doom and placing them out of harm’s way. With the resolve of a warrior, He stayed at their sides. Never wavering, always listening for the next cry of help.

“There!!”.. Light said in awe and adoration, respect and love for the Man on the horse.” There is my king!!!”

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