What Relationships have you Cultivated?


What Relationship have you Cultivated Lately?

I believe God puts people in our path for a reason, when I meet someone new I try to look at each person. I weigh the encounter and often wonder if this is going to be a journey for them or me. Neither one of us is perfect and I believe we can always learn from one another. I have to access do we communicate, can we exchange and better both our lives from sharing thoughts and ideas?

When you are in church and a new guest arrives, how do you treat them and interact with them? Do you say hello? Do you try to get to know them over a period of time or are you content to just shake hands and smile, then nod and welcome them quickly going back to your seat?

Let me ask you a question “Do you remember what it feels like to be the new person in church?” “ Do you remember, how being the new person made you feel, what were your insecurities, what made you afraid, and did you worry whether or not you would be accepted or gain approval by others in the church?”  I believe when the “Lost” come to church they are looking for two things, one a Godly connection and two a human connection. The world has burnt out their emotions, feelings, and responses to other humans. Then the enemy is constantly in their mind, telling them all kinds of negative things about the church, its people, for example – they do not love you, they do not want you, and they will never accept you. It is all a lie. First let me assure you, that God does loves you, he draws the newcomer to his house and then his saints work in service to share the gospel, so that they may hear the truth.

I personally try to be welcoming to new guests, I go around to shake hands and I try to get to know people, some are receptive, and others are not. Typically, I get along with most people and then there is always those few who I do not understand or whom I find it difficult to communicate with or to be around. You know that person whom I am speaking of, they just rub you the wrong way, they never do anything wrong to you, yet they exasperate you and your world. You find yourself holding your tongue, counting to twenty, looking at the ceiling, and if you are like me you wonder how in the world do I handle this situation? I personally try to be Christ like in my behavior encouraging and uplifting them at every opportunity. I am sure it will not shock you to discover that after a period of time I have failed in past encounters with these individuals of this nature. I usually separate myself from that individual, as I feel I am fighting a loosing battle. Then God brings that exact same person right back into my path. Just maybe it is I who has something to learn from this individual. So I prayed. I open my bible to Romans 14 and there as clear as a bell was my answer. God’s word on cultivating new relationships.

We are to welcome new believers with open arms who do not see things the way we do.

We are not to jump on them when we disagree, for they are weak in the faith.

We are to be disciplined in our actions.

We are to treat them gently.

We are not to cross people off the guest list or to interfere with God’s Welcome.

If a person needs corrections or manners, pray about it, and let God handle it.

Remember we answer to Jesus, not each other.

Remember Christ died for these souls, our souls; we are to love pray and protect them.

So going forward, when you meet new people, who are new to church, welcome them, smile, and try to get to know them. When you meet the one who rubs you the wrong way, you need to go the extra distance, to befriend them, look for common ground, use your energy to get along with them, help with encouraging words, don’t drag them down by finding constant fault, or by having disagreements, lest you wreck Gods work among you! Your main concern is to share the life and Love of Jesus! Please be very sensitive and courteous to all new comers, so as not to stop the free exchange of God’s Love. In a years time you will be able to look back at all the relationships you have cultivated, and see all the rewards God gave you, in interacting with the new guests. You will not only have learned and grown as a Christian, you will have helped the new guest establish a beginning foundation in the church. It is very simple. Everyone wants to be loved!

So in closing let me ask you, “What relationship have you cultivated lately?”


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