The Reflection

The Reflection

When I look into the mirror,
The fear begins to rise.
For on my face, I see the trace;
The reflection never lies.

And the memories seem to haunt me,
It’s hard to face the truth.
While the task to wear another mask;
Has been there since my youth.

And as I gazed into the looking glass,
I saw the devastation.
It seems unfair, so much despair;
Have I bound in desolation?

So I turned my heart and soul to God,
He saw through the masquerade.
I no longer hide, who I am inside;
He has ended that charade.

I have put on holiness and truth,
Love and consecration.
The peace I feel, I can’t conceal;
I’m full of dedication.

I pray when someone looks at me,
Even though I lack.
That what they see, inside of me;
Is my reflection showing Christ.



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About the author

Monique Bryant

The Lord pulled me out of a terrible pit when I was 26 years old. I fell at an apostolic alter and received the holy ghost. My life has never been the same since I took on the name of Jesus in the waters of baptism. I came from a horrible background of abuse and never thought I would find true peace. I will love Him until the end of time. When I think of all the people in the world and know that Christ picked me I am overwhelmed by His mercy and love. I can never repay what He did for me.