The Potters Wheel

potters wheel

I have came across several things this morning that have me thinking about the potter and the clay. God spoke to Jeremiah and uses the potter as an example of God molding our lives.

If you have ever watched a potter work with clay on a wheel it is amazing. I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to do so and still marvel that the potter can take an old lump of clay and within a short period of time shape it into something beautiful.

I have often thought it takes the clay spinning on the wheel with the pressure of the potters hands against it to form it. It also takes our lives being spun by God as He puts pressure on us to form us into “vessels of honor.” The events and circumstances of life, with pressure from the potter and spinning of the wheel smooth out the bumps and rough places in our lives, shaping us to fit His perfect will.

God Bless…it’s Just a Thought!


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