Resting In The Finished Work of Jesus

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Resting In The Finished Work Of Jesus

Have you ever read a book and you read the first chapter and thought to yourself, “Man this could take forever”, or maybe even “Well here we go” not knowing how it will end?  That is the same way we are with our lives but in Christ it is totally different because in Christ we know the end and in the end we win.  Those of us who are faithful we win.

Some people have that “come as you are stay as you are” attitude.  They come and repent and really cry out and when they leave they stay the same.  Others, however, come as they are and they fight to do better but it seems like it’s and uphill battle.  Those who fight are saints in the making.  Jesus never promised it would be easy because He told them they’d suffer for His name sake.

I have to remind myself to rest in the finished work of Jesus .  It’s done, over, kaput and that may make you think, if it’s finished why am I still carrying these things?  That’s a good question.  I encourage you to drop them just as I’m learning to drop mine and strive for a higher level in Christ Jesus.  He wants us to come up higher and He wants us to be surrendered to His will and with good reason, because only He can see down the scope of time and give you the grace you need to make it to the end.  Remember in Phillipians it says that “He who began a good work in you shall finish it to completion”… and that speaks volumes all on its own.  We get careless a lot of times and forget that Jesus took the penalty for our sins and because of that and because we bear His name, He is faithful to forgive and to restore.  When we wake up every morning our eyes need to be on the prize of the only war to ever be finished before the end has arrived.

The devil is toothless.  He roars but he can’t devour.  You know why Lion’s roar?  It’s to make the prey move so they can make sport of them and devour them.  That’s how the devil is.  Remember though, it is finished!  Speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance is the heavenly language between you and God that confounds the enemy.  The enemy knows the end but does not like the idea of spending it all by himself.
He’ll take you, me, pastors, deacons etc. whoever he can get to follow him to a war that is already lost.  You are on the winning side my beautiful people of the most high God, and it is over.  The loud cry from Jesus that shook the world was one of the most, if not the most, profound statement that people longed to hear.  “It is finished!!”  Your hopelessness is gone, your addictions are gone, your lack of esteem is gone, your bitterness is gone, it’s all under the blood.

May you live a finished life in Christ Jesus and be at peace in Him.

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