Potter’s House 2

potter's house

I am not artsy by any stretch of the imagination. I might be considered a bit crafty, but never artsy. However, I do know this, anytime an artist begins a project he has a starting point. That starting point is in his mind. He begins to envision what it is he wants to create. He gets a picture in his mind of it, seeing the finished project, before he starts out to create it.

God spoke to Jeremiah telling him to go down to the potter’s house. After allowing, the prophet to watch the potter work with the clay on the wheel God again spoke to Jeremiah and asked if He should not be able to work with Israel as the potter did the clay.

I do not know exactly what God has in mind for me or what He is trying to do in my life. Yet I know He will do a good work and has a great plan for my life. I need to become as the clay and allow the potter to mold me into the vessel He has pictured me becoming…

It’s just a thought

…God Bless!

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