I read a bit of useless information the other day that may be interesting to some of us today.I bet you didn’t know that “Dueling in Paraguay is legal as long as both parties are registered blood donors.”How about that?I know that may seem ridiculous to some of us today but there are many things we find ourselves doing, which make just about as much sense.For example:“People turn against the ones they seem to love the most?”There was some other useless information that I ran across that lets me know that if I involve myself in seeking vengeance I am in a “lose, lose” situation.Listen to this, “The only survivor of Custer’s Last Stand was his horse, Comanche.”

After thinking about all of this useless information I realize that things are not always as easily remedied as they may seem.You see, most of the time we don’t concern ourselves with the unknowns of our future.Yeah! I know that you and I are always peering into the piggy bank trying to figure out a way to make every penny stretch as far as we possibly can without compromising our financial security. We know that—without fail—the bills will start piling in again at the beginning of the month. Work from “can ‘til can’t” knowing that if we give our employer our time and labor that we will receive something in return eventually.

Yes! There is no doubt in our minds that “Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!” We go out and put things on lay-a-way—because we know that“Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!” We float our checks to buy groceries—because we know that “Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!”We get just a little more cash from the ATM machine—because we know that “Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!”Yet when payday gets here we have over-extended ourselves so far that we have to pull from other resources just to cover our shortfalls.We knew all along that “Pay-day-was-a-comin’,” but when it came we had overextended ourselves so far that we were not prepared for the perilous times that would follow. Let me assure you today that “Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!”

There is another bit of useless information that shouts for our attention today. Did you know that “…58% of all Americans believe that they have above average IQ’s?”That probably explains why only a small percentage of us will humble ourselves when the Lord is chastening us for some wrong-doing, such as adultery, fornication, or rebellion.

Why is it we are always pointing our fingers at someone else when we know deep in our hearts we are the one’s who are wrong?What is it about our human nature that refuses to accept the fact that “Pay-day-‘s-a-comin’!”Why do we insist on getting vengeance when it doesn’t belong to us?It belongs to God!Don’t you see it? “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord. ”The Lord God Almighty is the one who is dispersing the pay in our spiritual relationship with humanity and deity.We may have the authority to sign the paychecks wherever we work.We may even own the company.But when it comes to dishing out the spiritual dough only God has the authority to pay for “vengeance”.

How many of us would work all week for nothing? How many of us would work all week if we knew that a thief was going to take it all when we received our check? How many of us would pay 1.00…$100.00…$1,000.00… for a trip to hell? Yet some have sold their soul for a whole lot less. Some have allowed their selfishness keep them from paying tithes and offerings to God.They have sold out cheap! But let me warn you that payday’s-a-comin’! (Malachi 3:10)

How many of us would sell all we’ve got to pay for our spouse or one of our children to be able to receive proper medical treatment for cancer?Yeah! We will make sure the doctors are paid, yet we often fail to take care of the shepherd—the man of God– who is caring for our soul?Maybe that’s the reason why the only survivors in some of our battlefields are our horses.We have forgotten that payday‘s-a-comin’!

This past week there was a father who entered an Amish school and shot several girls from three to fourteen years old.A few moments before he had done this he had walked his own children to school and said goodbye.Because of a twenty-year grudge he had hidden deep within himself he killed five innocent little girls in cold blood, left several others lying in their own blood and then turned the gun on himself.This tragedy has shaken our whole nation.It has called for us to look within ourselves and ask ourselves the question, “Why?” Before this happened most of us would have never imagined any parent would take a gun out and shoot one of our children but sadly, it happens.

I plead with us today; please do not allow grudges and hurt to demoralize us to the place that we would slay our children. Yeah! I know!You think I’m pushing way to far now!Yet we will live a life of spiritual Russian roulette by taking unnecessary chances thinking it is not affecting anyone but us. Come on!We know that our children are a reflection of our lives and payday‘s-a-comin’!What are we doing to make sure our children are going to make it to heaven?Are we more concerned with ourselves or do we really set a godly example for them.There is nothing more encouraging to me that to see a child excelling because his/her parents have realized that pay-day’s-a-comin’! Will you offer your selfish desires on the altar so that your children will receive a proper inheritance?Will you give your life for those under your care? God help us to work for our children because we know in the end pay-day’s-a-comin’.



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