Life Jacket

life jacket

How many times have we actually cried out and wanted someone to save us, our burdens can become so heavy, our worries rob our minds of peace, we focus on situations that make us neglect the important situations in our life’s. I sometimes forget that when things become too much I do have a higher power to turn to to cry out for help! I am always trying to fix things myself. In the last few weeks while I have been focused on my Thyroid problem, I slipped up here and there not praying as I usually do, before long, I felt like I was in a little boat in the middle of the ocean in a horrible storm, being tossed and turned left and right, with nothing but a life jacket to save me. I had little confidence in the life jacket against the big waves of the storm. One wave after another was hitting me and drowning me, I could hardly catch my breath, I was soaked, freezing, and I lost hope. Then in that little boat, I tore off the life jacket, (I was ready to toss it) and as I gazed at it, I saw light split through the clouds and light up the interior of the life jacket, it looked as if I held a blazing cross in my hands. I felt flooded with hope and I felt my faith return. Often in the middle of a storm I have heard God, say be still and be quiet, if I brought you in the storm, I will bring you through it, I am fighting for you. Just have faith. That is when I realized the life jacket with the cross resemblance, cannot work alone, but when I add one ounce of faith, my possibilities are endless with God. For all things are possible with God. I am riding out the after effects of the storm as I write this to you, I know God is with me, I know I am his child, and I know he never left me, in fact he loves me, just like he loves you. Remember, God is always there!!! He is ready to save you.

God, Save me for I am yours…….Psalm 119:94 


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