It’s Hammer Time; Tearing Down Walls!


It’s Hammer Time; tearing down walls!

As a Christian there are many times  I have been lead on a mission going about my father’s business. The thing that allows me to be lead and used as a servant of God is my openness and willingness to serve my father.  I am an imperfect individual who is very far from perfect. However I am dedicated to Jesus, I am his servant, and I love to serve him. This opens many doors of opportunities for me spiritually to serve which can be different from other service. You must be prepared to go on missions at all times.

My best friend Cindy and I attended a very small church in North Carolina. We meet there and quickly became friends; it was if we already knew each other. Our life’s quickly intertwined and there was hardly a day went by that we did not talk, on Sunday’s she would drive several miles to pick me up and carry me to her church being I did not have a car at this time. Many months ago, en route to my home after a long day at work, I called her, “What are you doing”?

Cindy responded with such excitement in her voice she immediately had my attention, she replied “I am on a mission”, which in turn got me exited because I knew she was being led by the “Holy Spirit of God” to bless someone.

Cindy invited me to join her on this mission, laughing  as if she could keep me away, as her excitement was contagious!  I quickly drove and met her at the local “Hallmark” store and met her inside. Cindy then explained to me that she was being lead to bless the first lady where we were attending church.

Slowly over time our first lady had stopped coming to church. Our hearts ached for her, as we struggled to understand not wanting to make  assumptions or listen to gossip. She exhibited a person who was very hurt and being concerned we prayed for her, we sent cards and called her home.  We had “No response.” Cindy and I believe in encouragement of the saints and if you fall down we help each other up. This first lady has such a “B E A U T I F U L” spirit KIND  and GIVING. We tried our best to show her our love as we missed her terribly.

While in Hallmark Cindy announced she had to run next door to the grocery and pick up something . She asked me to pray and pick out a gift that the Lord would led me too.

Hallmark  racks and shelves of displayed items are not only beautiful, but expensive. I bowed my head and I prayed for God to lead me to the right gift within our budge.  I had walked the rows several times when I came upon a very beautiful hammer that was a desk weight.  I picked it up in my hand and held it. I could see the first lady knocking holes in the walls with it and I started to laugh. Why on earth, did I see that in my head.  A hammer I asked  “God you want me and Cindy to give the First Lady a Hammer?” I heard clearly “Yes.”  At that moment Cindy returned and started  laughing when I showed her the hammer. Cindy looked at me and raised her eyebrow and said “You are sure  this is what you were led to give.” I said “Yep.” Cindy never questioned me so we picked up a few cards, and paid for our purchases. The hammer had a little comment card I wrote something to the effect  if my memory serves me right. “Not for use on Children but for the knocking down of walls.” because as a kind of joke this person works with children.  (And “NO” I do not advocate child abuse, it was an inside joke).

I knew where the first lady lived and we drove to present her with her gift.  She was shy and receptive in welcoming us.

That Sunday in church (Not a UPCI), we were told from the pulpit to not call or contact the first lady.

It is not in our practice as Christians to isolate a fellow brother or sister as that is what the enemy wants to isolate them  to make them weak and defenseless to wreck havoc upon them.

Not only did Cindy and I find the request of the church strange we also wrestled with why a hammer? What was it about the Hammer?  Would we ever know?

Eventually and separately we were both lead to different churches by God. I began to attend a UPCI church and my friend went to a Baptist church.

The months rolled by and in the fall of that year I listened to a video by Rev. Lee Stoneking, and he mentioned a “Hammer” in his sermon. Why did the Hammer , catch my attention, ahh , I remembered, I had been reading scripture the day before on a web site and I remembered the Hammer being in the scripture.  I quickly found the web page scrolling through several of its  links looking for several hours and reading until I found it.

I just love confirmation……. ~ Jeremiah 23:29 “Is not My word like a fire? says the LORD, And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”

My revelation was that “The Word of God is a Hammer” that breaks down walls to resistance, a weapon to get out, to tear down.

Months later, long after Cindy and I had given our hammer, being led by the spirit, God had revealed what its purpose was; he had given the first lady the most formidable weapon the word of God in the form of a hammer to break down the walls that surrounded her in her trial.

I yelped and screamed, “My God you are so awesome, I never knew , there was even mention of a hammer in scripture, but God knew, I was so excited, God was letting me and Cindy understand, what the Hammer was all about and what it meant to our former first lady.

When you are in a trial and you are cornered you are to pick up the “Word of God,” and sling it like a hammer with force and authority to make the walls fall like Jericho that were meant to isolate and destroy you. God always hears the cries of his children and when you think there is no way out, God becomes the way, quickly coming to rescue you. You just have to be ready, willing and able to sling that hammer of deliverance  as it may come in a form that is outside your box to understand. You must be open to your father’s business.

Pick up that hammer and swing, deliverance has arrived! Hallelujah

Glory be to GOD!


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