How do you enter the House of God?

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How do you enter the House of God?

My granddaughter is 2.5 years old. Like her Grandma, she is talkative, assertive, and passionate about life and can be demanding, which comes with the red hair. She is always ready to help with any and everything, which can be a little daunting at times. She likes to makes messes, just so she can clean them up. She loves to wash dishes, picks up her toys, and on occasion scolds the dog for me. To witness this is hilarious as my Siberian is bigger than her and when she orders a command, he listens and obeys, and my grandbaby has given no thought to her smaller size, the dog will do as she says. Today, I was barely awake, making a little noise, and I heard her quiet musical voice, “Grandmum, whatcha doing?” I replied, “ I am getting ready for church, do you still want to go?” Suddenly I hear the little pitter patter of her feet, and her excitedly coming down the stairs. She runs in my room, and says “Grandmum, I go with you to church”.  She races around, gets a quick bath and we begin to pick out her cloths for the day. When I suggest something casual, she shakes her head no and goes to the closet, “I want a princess dress” and I confer and show each dress to her, until she decides on a beautiful cream colored dress with silk flowers, she then picks out her black sequined dress shoes, and her pony barrettes for her hair, once dressed she is beautiful and impatient and ready to go. On the drive to church, she says to me, “Grandmum, church is not bad, church is good. I like church, I like my friends.” I replied, “That is sweet!” She replies, “Grandmum, where you go?” She had noticed I took a different route, and I told her I was going to the bank, that we should always give back to God, because he always gives to us. Finally we arrive at church, my grandbaby, was so excited to be in church, even though she is shy, she snuggled close to me and spoke back and said hello a few times. One thing she is not shy about is praise and worship, and if a song speaks to her she will raise her hands and praise God, she has been doing this since about six months old, and now she loves to dance to God’s music, yet today something new caught her attention, she saw the banner team waving their flags. In our church the Banner is a form of weaponry, it proclaims the victory is won, and also directs warfare in the spiritual realm. Banners are scriptural based in

Ps.20: 5-9 – (Banners showed victories won.) May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory, flying banners to honor our God. May the LORD answer all your prayers.

Isaiah 59:19 –(“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard (or banner) against him”) and they shall fear the name of Jehovah from the west, and from the rising of the sun, his glory. When the adversary shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of Jehovah will lift up a banner against him.

She said, “Grandmum , I do that” and so on a whim I asked the leader if she could do the banner with her during praise and worship, and she agreed. My little grandbaby took that big adult flag with the leader guiding her and she took her first swing and her eyes light up. Around and around she waved her flag, her arms never tiring through the end of the song. She captivated the majority of the people as she waved that flag. Children her age focus and remember the physical acts, closing a door, playing an instrument, or waving a banner flag.

I thought back over the day and I decided I want to be more child-like in my approach to church, to me that would mean to be more physical.

1.      I will jump out of bed and move with great speed.

2.      I will dress my best, as my granddaughter pointed out we are princess and we will be going to see the king, as she calls him “God Almighty”

3.      I will keep my path straight to the Lord’s house, as a deviation might throw me off course.

4.      When I enter the Lord’s house I will be humble for all he has done for me.

5.      I will greet my brother and sisters with respect and a quiet voice.

6.      No matter what I sound like, I will sing praises unto my king.

7.      No matter what I use as an instrument, whether it be sticks, or a tambourine, I will make a joyful noise to my Lord.

8.      I will raise my hands unto the Lord in worship. I will close my eyes and feel his presence.

9.      I will pray from my spirit.

10.       I will boldly try something new, if urged by God, as my Grandbaby did with the banner flag. She put all her fears aside and just did it. What immense joy she felt, I saw the smiles and joys her actions ministered to others today.

Today with boldness, excitement, joy and anticipation my grandchild physically showed me through the eyes of a child, how we should all approach church and being in God’s House. Just enter simply as a child! So in conclusion I ask you to stop and think, when was the last time you entered the Lord’s House child-like?

God Bless!

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