Healing: Sometimes You Gotta Get the Junk Out!

The same goes with God, He has to get the junk out.  Sometimes it will hurt us, but it is for our good, so our hearts can heal right! In my opinion, a lot of times we need to encourage new converts to look back not at the world, but at their wounds, because sometimes they hinder our walk with God. Your hurts need to be dealt with! Like in the Bible with the ten lepers, have you ever thought about it, only one came back and thanked Jesus. Jesus told him he wasn’t only physically healed but he was made whole…pretty awesome! He was not only healed in his body, he was healed of all the wounds that he received because he had been a leper! He was healed of the shame of leprosy! People were probably pretty cruel to him! The other 9 were healed, but they still had their emotional wounds to deal with! Our wounds are there really to help, they do actually benefit us in time. And if we use them properly we can help others too! So the next time someone hurts you, don’t let the wound just scab over without dealing with it; take care of it. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, but it’ll be worth it!!

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