Generated By the Word

Generated by the Word

It was last summer one evening; I was at my desk focusing on my worksheet for my work responsibilities. The power all of sudden flickered went off and the lights came on right away. Someone brought to my attention that the generator turned on immediately when the power went off. The generator was a helpful piece of equipment.

The Word of God is just like that piece of equipment. It’s so helpful when the trails and tests come our way. My pastor or anyone else may start quoting a scripture from the bible. My mind immediately is directed to the scripture. I am thinking to myself I know that scripture. Where is it recorded in the Old Testament or the New Testament? My pastor has even openly asked me to finish that particular passage of scripture while He is preaching to his flock.

When we study and read the Word of God on a daily basis it will become the greatest tool we all can fight against all powers of the enemy. I personally have to get some kind of word from the Lord each day. Life is hectic enough sometimes. We need the Lord to help us each day.

Look around you, there are so many scenarios that could have happened to us all. It isn’t by chance the Lord has spared us and all of our families from so many things that could have happened.



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