Follow Me But Don’t Step in It

Watch your step

Follow Me but Don’t Step in It


But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.
Saturday morning, armed with a plastic bag and trowel, I began the highly anticipated job of picking up what the dog had left behind. Wait, that’s not very spiritual. Let me begin again.
As I prayerfully began the blessed job of cleaning up the back yard; yeah, right!!
Okay, here’s what really happened. Our beautiful new maple tree was going to finally be delivered and planted. So that the landscapers wouldn’t accidently step in a pile of dog dung (biblical word), I decided it would be a great idea to clean up the back yard. Actually, I perform this task a couple of times every week but this was the first time I have ever had God teach me a lesson during this distasteful activity. I have to confess the aroma makes it a little difficult to meditate extensively on spiritual things.
I walked across the lovely expanse of green lawn, but my eyes were always watching where I stepped. Each unsightly pile was scooped up and put in the bag leaving the backyard a safe and clean place once again.

Sometimes my life seems like a lovely landscape as I invite my friends to “Follow me as I follow Christ.” However, if it were not for the Lord clearing the path and picking up the piles of my faults and failures, would my friends enjoy the journey or would they become burdened with all the muck and mire I so carelessly leave behind. Instead of love, do they find gossip and judgment? Sometimes the pile of murmuring and complaining hides the joy of the Lord. Do I project anxiousness instead of peace; impatience rather than longsuffering? Not to mention gentleness, goodness and faith which are too often covered with harsh words, selfishness, and fear. The piles of willfulness and lack of discipline rather than meekness and self-control are usually so big no one could even accidently step in them.
Lord thank you for clearing the path for those who walk behind me. Replace all the things I leave with the fruit of your Spirit

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