Don’t Become Sour

don't be sour

Don’t Become Sour

For a while Abraham and Isaac were so lonely after the death of Sarah, and she was one-hundred twenty seven years old. The definition for lonely is: sad from being alone (Merriam-Webster) Abraham thought to himself that Isaac was old enough to get married. The women of Canaan weren’t under Abraham’s approval. The women of Canaan were idol-worshippers, and they didn’t teach their children about the one true God.  Back in those times, the parent’s would choose their children’s companion.

Abraham sends his trusted servant Eliezer to a place called Mesopotamia unto the city of Nahor. Eliezer takes with him ten camels and some goods for his journey to Mesopotamia. Eliezer makes a decision that he will stand near the well of water, this is where the daughters of men would go and draw water in the evening time. There was a damsel that went to get a drink and she offers him a drink and also the camels a drink of water. With God’s help Eliezer finds a wife for Isaac.

Rebekah was willing to go to a strange land and be a wife to a man she has never met. They weren’t strangers to her at all, for she was the granddaughter of Abraham’s brother Nahor and Milcah. They journeyed back to Israel and soon as they arrive Isaac runs out to meet her.  At the age of forty years old Isaac marries Rebekah. Rebekah was very much younger than Isaac.

After sometime Abraham dies at the age of one- hundred and seventy-five years old. The news came of the death of his father, Ishmael came and helped his brother Issac bury their father, Abraham. They buried their father in a field, and a cave in Machpelah. They placed his body in a cave near Sarah. Isaac and Rebekah were married for twenty years and had no children because Rebekah was barren. Isaac from the bottom of his heart prayed that his wife would have a child. God heard Isaac’s prayer; his wife became pregnant and gave birth to twin sons. Their names were Jacob and Esau, Isaac favored Esau, and Rebekah favored Jacob. The Lord allows heartaches, pain, and suffering to make us a better person.

This shouldn’t make us become sour with the distress that these troubles can bring onto us all.. We can become so bitter that, the next words that come out of our mouth is not so nice. We begin to snap at the next person to us. We will always have these types of troubles while we are living. Not everything will go our way, and to be honest sometimes it will not work out for us.

The Lord knows exactly what will move us towards Him. I sure don’t want the Lord to let something happen to my family and friends for me to listen to His voice. But through the pain we are experiencing a closer walk with Him, and a bond that no man can break or destroy. Remember, people are watching us; they are ready for us to throw in the towel and give up. We can’t miss Heaven for anything, it’s not worth it. Stay Encouraged!

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