Clean Up…Isle 9!…Being Different and Loved




Oh if the whole world were more like me…the epitome of gracefulness.

OK, yea…I’m kidding…

I have spent my life bumping into various things, and falling over various other things. I once asked the doctor why I couldn’t walk a straight line. His answer was very doctorly: *You have something wrong with the balance center in your brain.*

Translation…You are a klutz.

Yea, I wasted my money on that one.

There are some days that I go into work knowing I will be performing my very best Jerry Lewis imitation throughout the night. It is my poor unsuspecting patients that get ringside seat to my clumsiness.

My family offers me much support though. But not positive support. They are in support of my remaining a klutz because of the hours of fun they have telling stories about the remember whens…

Added to the fact that I was blond as a child and I have frequent flash backs, I provide endless entertainment.

*Remember the time Mama locked the keys in the trunk of the car and we sat at the gas pump for over an hour before she remembered there was a button in the glove box that opened the trunk?*

*Remember when she asked Dad to take the lamp apart because the knob was on the back side and it was hard for her to turn on and off and Dad just got out of bed, walked around and turned the lamp around?*

*Remember when Dad was interviewing for a job and the man asked Mama what her name was and she said “I don’t know.”*

It is usually when I am trying my best to appear normal that problems creep up. While in Louisiana for my niece’s wedding I was trying to help clean up and flipped up a table to fold the legs. I didn’t anticipate the weight of the table or the velocity it would have when I flipped it. I caught it with my foot. How’d that go, you may ask. Not too good. I still can’t bend my big toe all the way and now every morning when I get off my foot is swollen.

My brother was kind enough to pray for me right after it happened. He prayed “Lord, bless her in her clumsiness.”

So this morning as I was bending down to pick up the box of cremora I spilt on the floor at work and noticed that I had orange all over my white jacket from my snack earlier in the night that I couldn’t help but think of some of my other award-winning moments.

I long ago came to the realization that I would never be the poster child for gracefulness. And that’s OK. As crazy as it may sound I like myself just the way I am. And I don’t mind sharing stories about my *moments* because, well, they make me laugh too.

I have to think God finds pleasure in my klutziness since He formed me and He doesn’t make mistakes, right? And so the next time I am walking around the grocery only to realize my buggy has been leaking chicken blood for 4 isles when I finally almost slip down in it, I’m just going to smile.

He knows me, YET He loves me. That’s all I need to know!

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