Born To Serve The Lord

born to serve the lord

Tim Tebow was born Aug 14, 1987 and is the Heisman-winning quarterback for the Florida Gators.  His parents were missionaries to the Philippines when Tim was conceived.  His mother suffered a life-threatening infection while pregnant and her unborn baby suffered a severe placental abruption. Doctors recommended that his mother abort the baby to save her life but she refused.  Tim was carried to term and both he and his mother survived.  This is the subject of a controversial commercial produced by Focus on the Family that will be aired once during the Super bowl pregame and once during the actual game.  The protests are from Pro-Choice groups who argue that this commercial is trying to take from women the choice to have an abortion.  Once again they have ignored Mrs. Tebow’s CHOICE to give her son life because the only valid choice to this Liberal group is TERMINATION!!!

Famous pro-abortionists such as Richard Dawkins will argue that Tim Tebow is on this earth by chance and a stupid decision by his mother to risk her own life that her son’s life might be preserved.  Dawkins argues that Tim’s life occurred because his parents just happened to come together on a specific night at a specific time and that specific sperm was the one that survived to fertilize the egg.  While the facts, as Mr. Dawkins state them, may be true, a new life is so much greater than scientific fact.  God may have set the scientific order of reproduction in place and left it up to mankind’s emotions and actions to start the process, but our life comes from the breath of God.  Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”  We are all born for a specific purpose and God has a plan for each precious life.  We are all “BORN TO SERVE THE LORD.”
Tim Tebow and his family understand the great responsibility each life is given by God.  Tim isn’t just a good football player or a popular quarterback; he believes in living his faith.  Antonya English, a staff writer for the St. Petersburg Times reports that on his rare time off, Tim works in prison ministries, travels to foreign countries to give his testimony, holds Bible studies and volunteers to help those less fortunate.  Tim states, “For me, every day includes four things: God, family, academics, and football, in that order.”  Tim Tebow gets it; “HE WAS BORN TO SERVE THE LORD.”

I love the song, “Born to Serve the Lord” by Evangelist Bud Chambers, which has been recorded by several musical groups.  It captures the very purpose of life.  Here are the lyrics of that God-inspired song:

From the dust of the earth my God created man- His breath made man a living soul; And God so loved the world He gave His only Son, And that is why I love Him so!

My hands were made to help my neighbor; my eyes were made to read God’s word. My feet were made to walk in His footsteps; my body is the temple of the Lord.

I was made in His likeness, Created in his image, for I was born to serve the Lord. I will not deny Him; I will always walk beside Him, for I was born to the serve the Lord.        

You may not be called to be a missionary, a preacher or a great football player.  Maybe God’s plan for your life is ministering to your family.  Let God make you the best wife or husband, mother or father the world has ever known.  There is nothing more important to God than raising children who love and honor God with their lives and pass that heritage to the next generation.  Perhaps you are single and God’s plan for you is to be a Godly employee, a “missionary” in your workplace or a loving friend to someone who feels unloved. If God has called you to sing; sing praises unto Him; write; write something to glorify His Name; pray; pray with fervor for those who don’t know God; if it is to show kindness, you will have plenty of opportunity every day.  Whatever plan God has laid down for you from the moment you were formed, embrace it and move into your destiny because “YOU WERE BORN TO SERVE THE LORD!!!”


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