As David Did

As David Did

There he stood, no longer a small boy, not quite a man.

There he stood, astonished, unable to comprehend exactly what was taking place.

This young man stood, watching warriors cower and tremble.

This young man, dressed as a shepherd, stood boldly.

Warriors dressed for battle hid.

They hid, hoping for someone to come in to save the day, praying that a warrior above all warriors would come dashing up and defend them from this giant that they faced.

They had the armour they needed. They had swords and weapons, and the training to use them.

Yet they hid, waiting for someone else to come along and fight the battle they had been trained to fight themselves.

“I’ll fight this giant,” said the young man.

And forsaking the armour of the king, he stood boldly with just a sling and 5 stones, announcing his intention to this champion of the Philistines, and without hesitation, he fought.

And he defeated.

In the aftermath of this great victory, he turned again to these warriors dressed for battle.

And I have to wonder, as they saw how easily he defeated this man that had tormented them, if they thought “he wasn’t so tough after all.”

Or maybe they thought “If only I would have had the courage to stand up to him.”

If only…

I know there are young men and women in our church that are “David’s”.

If only they would have the courage to stand up. I know it can be intimidating when you see all the seasoned warriors who have years of serving the Lord under their belts and know that are cowering behind a proverbial rock, waiting for someone to come along and take down whatever it is that is standing in the way of revival.

Maybe our young people are afraid to be the “one” that steps out, feeling they are not prepared. But sometimes you have to step out to get prepared.

Those that are Baptized in His Name, filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost are just as prepared as any seasoned saint.

That is enough to take down the toughest giant.

Who is it among you that will be the *one*?

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