A Good Night’s “REST”

A Good Night’s “REST”

Today, people are trying to tackle the problem they have of trying to get some rest at night. They take medications, they go to sleep therapy, some even go as far as having a procedure done which will enable their airway to stay more opened while laying down. Companies are trying to make the most ergonomically correct bed, the most comfortable bed – and they know that people will pay through the nose for it.

Why? Because they know that there are reasons for rest. Among the most common reasons for needing a good night’s rest are:

  1. Gives your body a total relaxation period – no other exercise or therapeutic relaxation tool can provide the same effect that rest can. Rest is the one thing that we can not live without!
  2. Resets your level of energy.
  3. Rest gives you an emotional break. Sometimes it is best to try to get some rest when you are feeling pressed emotionally.
  4. Rest gives you a mental break.
  5. But to me, the most important reason (I think) is because it separates yesterday from today!

There is nothing worse than carrying the cares and burdens of yesterday on your back today! Feeling oppressed from stuff you had to deal with yesterday is the worse feeling you could live with today. Our Master Himself taught, “…take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. SUFFICIENT TO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF!” There is enough for us to deal with in our immediate circumstances than to have to deal with yesterday with it all.

We as Christians though we deal regularly with everyday problems, we have assistance through the Holy Ghost to separate our past from our present, our yesterday from our today. Isaiah said in Isaiah 28:11-12, “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people. To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.” The Holy Ghost – in the middle of the day can help you to find rest from your past, your yesterdays like no medication can. Jesus did not intend for you to have to deal with such mental, emotional, and spiritual oppression. He has provided the Holy Ghost so that we can pray and find relief.

Such understanding refuses to see the Holy Ghost as an optional experience. How many of us have had problems getting rest at night because of the events of the day? When prayer, especially prayer in the Spirit, is made we find both relief and release for our souls. We find the rest that Isaiah spoke of. We find the rest that this world needs.

The rest that the Lord spoke of many times in Hebrews is mirrored in the Holy Ghost. That mirror reflects upon our lives and we enter into His rest, not through physical death – but spiritual. We find our own personal death and burial with Jesus will result in the resurrection He also received. It isn’t one that we have to wait until the rapture takes place to receive. Our rest in the Holy Ghost does not take place in the future! It takes place in this life, as we call on the name of Jesus, and begin to seek God in prayer – there is something that comes over us that causes to feel peaceful about our situation! There is something present in our life that says, “I have got a feeling, everything is going to be alright!”

How could such peace be seen as optional? How could such rest be seen as something that the Lord may or may not want for you to receive? God has ordained righteousness, peace, and joy for your life; and according to the apostle, Paul the righteousness, peace, and joy that the Lord will supply to you will come through the Holy Ghost.
(Romans 14:17)

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