Protective Covering

By Lynne Conley / 9 months ago

Protective Covering We all have said things that we shouldn’t have. Our words are like a dart into someone else’s heart. None of us can control the smallest member of our bodies. We can bless someone or curse someone with our words. Our words will never die; what we say will always come to pass. […]


The Festival of Booths

By Phyllis Corbin / 9 months ago

THE FESTIVAL OF BOOTHS On the first day of the month, New Year’s Day, the Israelites heard the laws for the first time. They took inventory of their lives and the reading of the Law produced a great flood of tears. But the people were encouraged by their leaders to rejoice and feast together. The […]


Material Girl

By Sheri Boulet / 9 months ago

Material Girl We are living in a fast-paced world….cruising on the information highway. Almost everyone now has access to their family and friends 24/7 via cell phone, Internet, etc. And yet, with all of these ways to reach out and touch each other we are sadly touching each other less. I have seen it around […]


”Breaking the Rules”

By Lynne Conley / 9 months ago

”Breaking the Rules” Mount Sinai was a mountain in the south-central peninsula in the northwestern end of Asia. This place was where God first met Moses face to face and where He later made a covenant with the Israelites. God had a purpose for the Israelites after they left Egypt. For about one year the […]


This is my testimony, to God be the Glory!

By Rick Musick / 9 months ago

The Greatest Miracle I Know A true story by Rick Joe Musick I want to share with you a true story about a three-year-old little boy who lived in a small farming community in Texas. Brownfield Texas comes by its name honestly. Brownfields are everywhere. If you have never been in a dust storm in […]


A Harvest of Peace and Delight

By John Howell / 9 months ago

There are very few things that are more disconcerting than a child that acts out in public. Whether they are throwing a tantrum to get what they want or trying to embarrass their parents to get them to do something, it makes everyone uncomfortable. As a Christian, we must correct our children when they do this. Discipline should never be seen as punishment, but instead as correction and guidance. Those parents who don’t discipline their children will reap a harvest of disgrace, those who do will reap a harvest of peace and delight.


22 year old mother wrote her own martyrdom

By Lanis Johnson / 10 months ago

This is a writing of Quintus Tertullian pertaining to eyewitness accounts of Christians being persecuted for their love of God. These words seem so visual that, one must be prepared to suffer emotions of deep depths and soaring heights! I can only hope in Christ I am found as faithful as Perpetua, 22 yr. old […]


Lifted Up

By Roger Potts / 10 months ago

Lifted Up Feeling discouraged and blue, can’t get up on my own. Then I remember to pray, to praise; the darkness leaves as light enters my mind and soul. God’s spirit finds its way into my heart, and gladness, joy take control. Musical laughter in my life, as angels rejoice for the renewing received. God […]


Just One

By Della Moses / 10 months ago

As I walked through the dark streets of Jerusalem, I saw a Mighty Light emanating brightly from a small stable room. Crossing over the narrow cobbled stoned street, I leaned over on the window sill to just quickly take a little peek. The room was lit by a warm embracing glow, that beacon for me […]


Guarding The Inheritance

By Sheri Boulet / 10 months ago

Guarding The Inheritance Each day we make choices, and each choice we make has an effect on our lives and the lives of those around us. Nothing happens in our lives without a cost. As you read through the Old Testament you can see account after account of children who paid the cost for the […]