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Seeing and Hearing God

By Debra Jones / a couple of days ago

Seeing and Hearing God   I recently read the article by Don Doran “ Have you seen God”, it made me really stop and think; have I heard God? Have I seen God? I grew up attending a long list of Baptist churches, and as an adult, I attended for a short while, a local […]


Congratulations…you have won 753,437 GBP

By Sheri Boulet / last week

Well, I opened my email this morning, and to no surprise at all, the message said: “Congratulations…you have won 753,437 GBP”. I once again have won some large sum of money from a foreign country I have never heard of. IF all these email were legitimate, I would be richer than Bill Gates by now. […]


Choosing Your Words Wisely

By Tracie Fritcher Johnson / last week

I went to a shower recently were a bridesmaid carefully recorded every word the bride uttered as she opened her gifts. After the bride finished, the bridesmaid read her comments aloud for all to hear. The guests sat and giggled in appreciation as they listened to her numerous statements of surprise and gratitude. She must […]


Stay In Crete

By James Thornton / last week

Stay In Crete By James L. Thornton ~~~~~~~Contents~~~~~ 1. You need Crete. 2. Crete needs you. 3. God needs you in Crete. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Titus 1:4. To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. 5. For this cause left I thee in Crete, […]


Where Have I Been?

By Sheri Boulet / a couple of weeks ago

Where Have I Been? Well, in case there is ANYONE out there wondering where have I been or what has happened to me, my Internet has been down. But, we had a healing service at the house tonight and are back up and running. I have been really preoccupied with life lately, so fixing it […]


Not what I usually do

By Jeremy Spiers / a couple of weeks ago

My 7-year-old got the Holy Ghost a month ago. During the altar call, she went forward to pray for a little friend, and they both prayed through. Most everyone else had finished praying, and the service had ended, but for these little children, something special was happening. Both entered into intercessory prayer and spoke in […]


Ergonomics Of The Standard Of God

By Sheri Boulet / 3 weeks ago

It seems there is a science studying everything. There is probably a science to study the science of science. Several years ago another science emerged called Ergonomics. If you do not work in the business world you might not be familiar with this particular science. But since I do I have been forced into the […]


The Land of the Free

By Diana Alvarez / 3 weeks ago

The Land of the Free Written By Diana Marie Alvarez The irrefutable declaration to the world was announced A call to fight for a cause yet ready to be elucidated With pride a young fatigue-clad soldier pledged to fight Stood with Teutonic grace upon his weight He boarded his plane; a metamorphosis took place A […]


Unknown Warriors

By James Thornton / 3 weeks ago

Today the church is enjoying its finest hour. These are the days of revival, days of phenomenal growth in the church. Hitherto unconquerable conquests are being conquered. And it is the Unknown Warriors of Christ, the nameless heroes, the rank and file of the people, who with courage and conviction and faith carrying aloft the […]


Jonah’s Gourd

By Phyllis Corbin / 3 weeks ago

Jonah’s Gourd (Jonah 4:4-8) I. Introduction A. There is much speculation as to what this vine or gourd really was. Some say it was a castor bean plant. 1. That’s a fast-growing plant that can reach a height of 10 ft. 2. But to be truthful, we don’t know what it was for the simple […]

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