I was in the kitchen yesterday, cooking when some sticky pork blood got on my hand.

Suddenly I was 16 again…

EWWWW! Grody to the max!!” I exclaimed, then quickly gazed around the kitchen to make sure no one heard me.

I have listened to my elders, noted their wording, admired their phrases, with my tongue in my cheek, but yesterday I had my own flashback reality check.

My children often tell me when I utter certain phrases, or butcher one of the modern slang of today, “No, Mom. Never say that again.”

And I have found that things that used to mean something else now mean…well something else. As Jeff Foxworthy once commented that one day all parents just get off of the fashion train, I guess I jumped off the “slang train” back in 1984 and have been wondering around those deserted tracks in a stupor ever since.

Even when I do try out one of the modern sayings going around it sounds, well, lame coming from my 42-year-old lips.

There are days it seems like it was only yesterday that I was young and speaking the same language as everyone else….then I face my children’s shocked faces when some of the eighties slip out of my mouth and I feel like Michael Fox when he went forward in time.

“What?!?!” I will say, perplexed by their amazement.

“No, Mom. Never say that again.”

Someday, sometime, they will understand. And when they question me, wonderingly, if this shock they feel as middle age slaps them in the face for the first time mirrored my own feelings when I saw the slang train barrel away leaving me lurking in the abandoned station.

My answer will be…”Like Fer Sure!”



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