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Virginia Fields

I was raised in a small town in West Virginia and was fortunate enough to be brought into Pentecost at the age of 18. Now I attend Christian Life Church in Delaware, OH where I live with my husband. The Lord has blessed me greatly!!


I Refuse To Give Up

By Virginia Fields / 8 months ago

I Refuse. I refuse to give up. I refuse to let the devil win. I refuse to give up the ground I’ve worked so hard to gain. I refuse to let myself be weakened and prone to attack and failure. I refuse to believe Satan’s lies that I’m not good enough or spiritual enough. I […]



By Virginia Fields / 10 months ago

Compromise Compromise is a word that we are all familiar with, and most of us were raised with the idea that it was a good thing that we do to make everyone happy. As children and teens, we compromised with our siblings and parents. As adults, we compromise in the workplace and our households. With […]


“Crazy” Pentecostal

By Virginia Fields / a couple of years ago

“Crazy” Pentecostal I was at work the other day talking with one of my¬†employees about her trip to the zoo with her boyfriend and his mom. She says, “We walked by a group of women with skirts and long hair and Matt said, ‘Those must be those crazy Pentecostal people!’” I had to laugh. I […]