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Danielle Hollinger

I have been interested in writing for several years now but I have struggled with what avenue to pursue. I put it in the Lord's hands and have been waiting for HIS inspiration. For the past six months the devil has been attacking my family like he never has before. I saw this writing option and it just clicked. I felt like God said that it is time to share, others are going through what you have been-they need hear your voice. I pray for God's annointing, that I may be a blessing to others.


Ultimate Restoration

By Danielle Hollinger / a couple of years ago

I am very excited; this is my first blog entry on this website!!  I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, dreams, experiences, and inspirations with others.  It is my hope that my words will be a blessing to others. I used to write another blog to keep family and friends updated when my husband was deployed […]