What You Have Done

Our Father

What You Have Done

Lord my God, I walk through the valley of death
I may walk through the darkest hours of the night
I may walk down this path not wanting to fight
You’ll come in and make sure I don’t leave Your sight
Creating a light in the gloom, pitch black darkness
Giving me all the hope to continue my walk
Reaching down to me so we can interlock
So I can stand firmly on Your solid rock

Lord my God, no matter what happens in life
No matter what obstacle I continue to face
No matter what pain I intake and embrace
Somehow, You will always come with Your grace
Mending my broken heart and my open wounds
Pouring Your unending, everlasting love
Sent from the throne of Your glory from above
Your love falls down like the wings of a white dove

Lord my God, even though I may slip and fall
Even though I may sin and walk my own way
Though I may ignore Your will and disobey
I find You being the potter and I’m the clay
I will run back to the alter at Your throne
Seeing You standing there with Your arms opened wide
Picking me up and placing me by Your side
Telling me that You will always be my guide

Lord my God, You broke the chains on Calvary
Gave Your life on Calvary to brake the chains
Gave Your blood to wash away all of our stains
Only Your love, Your grace, and Your will remains
With You becoming my rock of salvation
My rock of salvation is what You became
When I sought out Your will and called out Your name
You came in and changed me, made me not the same

Lord my God, all of this is what You have done
Trial after trial, You send down Your helping hand
Heartache after hardship, You will make me stand
Your word is what I’ll never misunderstand
Promise after Promise, only You I’ll praise
Pain after pain, Still I’ll praise You forever
I give You my will to do Yours whenever
And nothing can stop me, nothing whatsoever

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.