What do you see

What do you see?

Walking on the wide spread streets
Through the crowed alleys
Along the dark shadows of the night
Making all of this into a fright
Knowing the burdens that they carry
Are becoming awfully heavy
Holding on to every aspect of life
This gives them the ability to realize what they lack

In the dark of the night
Lost people dwell amongst themselves
Fearing the light
Needing the light
In need for hope
For something to turn to
To take the reality away
Take care of their stress, anger, and such
That matters extremely much
Looking for that one touch
The touch of faith and hope
A touch where they can find healing and power
At this very hour

Shadows linger in front of our eyes
We have fear of what is in the shadows
Not knowing what we might face
Even though we do not know what we see
Our eyes are filled with fog
Giving us a blur we want to take away

As soon as the figure emerges from the shadows of despair
The shadows of never-ending hurt
We are dazzled by what our eyes see
How different they are from us
How in need they look
Pain fills their eyes
Faith is what they deny
Lost wisdom
Faded dreams
Lack of hope
Something we all were before
Knowing the same feeling
Having the same knowledge and the same understanding
We are no more than they are

They sway in discomfort
They dance in their misery
All they could see through their glossy, glowing eyes
Are the things they lack
The things they yearn for
Peace, restoration, redemption, truth
Rejection is all that they gain
From those who are mere from perfect than they are
Those who have no sense of compassion
Those who never know the pain they hold inside
Those who flee from reality
Ignoring those who are in need
Who suffer the same thing they suffered the day before
Closing the life’s door
Shutting out the truth of the world
Keeping their life to be hidden away
Clinging to whatsoever matters
And something that doesn’t need any attention
Or tension

What do we see when we come across someone that’s not like us?
Does the sight amuse us?
Are we struck by awe at the sight of what we see?
Is it something that we should be pleased by?
Do we have a responsibility of any sort?
How long will this last?
Will the waterfall of misery ever pass?
What do we need to do?
Can we fix it?
Can we control it?
How far can we go?
Are we able to do what we will?
Or do we need God’s help?
What do we see through our bright lighten eyes?
Is it something we want to notice?
What do we see?

On the faces of those
The reflection of our lives are replicated off of them
The stillness, the calmness, the unseen hurt
Tucking away all that they have
Sunrise seems so far away
Moon light invades their dark night
Giving a glow of hope
Over the faint glow of iniquity
Dissolving the scent of integrity
Pain is their friend
It’s the only thing they can go to
They can turn to
They can run to

At most times, the reflection reflects us, not them
We cannot see our lives
We reflect our lives off of somebody else
It’s one thing we fear to see
We run away from the world
Tucking away our real selves
Setting up a barrier around our lives
Making sure none of the past comes into the present
Interfering with our every day life
It’s not who we want to be
Not our goal
What we see is a sight we want to take away
Get rid of our insides
Taking away who we are
And putting in us someone else

What do we see on those who are lost?
We only see the reflection of ourselves
Either now, later, or before
That’s what we see.

What do you see?

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.