The Price of Calvery

The Savior's Cross

The Price of Calvery

Danny Naglowsky

He didn’t come by accident
He came here with a purpose
A purpose that was really meant
That is why he was sent

While being here, he had one thing on his mind
And that was the lost
And his children combined
Who didn’t have to pay the cost
Which he would have to pay
While living in his last days

Giving the lost something to live for
Saving and giving hope to the poor
Bringing the stranded onto shore
Giving us love that we adore

Now with every crime that we have made
We look back and see him there
With every lie that we have made
We look back and see him hanging there
With every sin that we have made
We look back and see him bleeding there

In every forgiveness that was given
The back of his becomes more red
Every time we make a sin
We look back and see all that he had shed
When each person is forgiven
We see him looking more and more dead

Being alone and being betrayed
The price that he had paid
The sorrows that were made
Nothing could be given to him as in being repaid

With every sin that we make
We look back and see him there
Hanging on wood
Embracing the chance to go to the truth

With the burdens that we don’t have to bare
He’s with us showing us that he cares
By giving us love that we are able to share

With all of the sin in life
He came down as Christ
Even though he was tried

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.