Sea of Inferno

Sea of inferno

Sea of Inferno

The sea of inferno is all around
Earsplitting screaming are the only sounds
Horror and frustration are the only emotions
While swimming in the scorching oceans

Wanting to escape this torture cell
Looking for the non-existent peace
This is not heaven but hell
The pain will by no means cease

The fire smolders the water
As it scorns at your fears
The air suffocates
Filling your lungs with fiery tears
The earth evaporates
Leaving you with fiery sneers
The water commences to drown
As additional fire appears

You desire to disappear from this place
However, you are there forever
A degree of grace cannot be uncover
Leaving this position will never occur

Bounded by your mistakes
By the instructions in life
Given an opportunity that you did not take
By the individual with every might

Eternal retribution is what you will get
From the pain produced by burnt water
The conditions will simply get harder
Disregard the ambitions that you have met
Leaving you alone and empty handed
Making you relentlessly falter
Inside this endless, apprehensive nightmare

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.