Psalms 27:10

psalm 27.10

Psalms 27:10 (rap)
Danny Naglowsky

..:: Verse 1::…
He never knew what hit him
All of his struggles came by
Came by like a mighty wind
Came by and knocked the wind out of him
It was like, something he never dealt before
Never imagined happenin’
It was something new
Something unreasonable
Something out of the blue
Until it’s long gone
Never saw it comin’
Never knew it happened With all this, his life never gave in

The Lord will take me up
Even though I feel alone
He will take me up
(When my father forsake me)
Even though I don’t get one
He will take me up
(When my mother forsake me)
Even though I long for one
He will still take me up
This is Psalms 27: 10

..:: Verse 2::…
His world began to crumble
His world began to fade
His life began to become a masquerade
With every ounce of hope, he had left
It started to drain away
As much as it made him think
He thought he could never live on
After that situation happened
The situation that started all of this
Been going through this
In this mess for as long as he, can remember
Can remember all the thoughts of his past
In the mess, he is in
Never thought he’ll last


..:: Verse 3::…
With more pressure formin’
With more situations occurring’
His future began to fade
Fade before his eyes
Before the world to see
Before his friends can believe
He starts to suffocate in this mess
Can’t breathe
With every ounce of breath, he had left
With the ounce of breath, he kept
He cried out “JESUS!”
Fell to his knees with arms raised high
Tears began to drain on his face
Everybody saw this, whoever was in the place
As much as he can, he never gave in


Living in a world without anything he had left
Been left in a world without a source of hope
Without any parent in sight
No mom, no dad, no parent, and no hope
Never thought he’d get in this mess
Having no parent
He opens the bible to the book of Psalms
Flips the pages within in his palms
And he reads
“When my father and my mother forsake me, then” and then, and then


This is
This is
Psalms twenty-seven verse ten

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Danny Naglowsky

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