Let You Go

let you go

Let You Go

Riding on her donkey
With Joseph leading in front
Mary rides into Bethlehem
Clutching onto her stomach
With her unborn child inside
Thinking, “Someday, I will have to
Let You Go.”

Looking for a place to stay
Looking around the city
The words,
“No room this time of day”
Were the words Joseph heard
All Mary could do was smile
And whisper soft and gentle words
That everything will be okay
Thinking to herself
“Someday, I will have to
Let You Go.”

With no luck for a room
And Mary due soon
And the unborn child in her womb
With time coming to a standstill
Joseph finds a place to stay
Mary gladly says okay
Thinking, “Someday, I will have to
Let You Go.”

As Mary lies down
Finding a comfortable position
Joseph gets a wet cloth
And places it on her head
Clutching onto her hand
And whispering, “Everything will be okay”
Mary whispers to herself,
“Someday, I will have to
Let You Go”

It is time
The newborn child is in the world
As Joseph grabs a hold of the baby
He wraps the newborn child
In swaddling clothes
And holding onto the soft tiny hands
He gives the baby to Mary
And Mary thinking to herself
“Little one, someday I will have to
Let You Go”

Mary rocks the baby in her arms
Back and forth, back and forth
Kissing him on the forehead
Rubbing his gentle hands
She says, “His name is Emmanuel
For he is the son of God
And king of kings,
Someday, I will have to
Let You Go.”

“With the child being born
Born into a world of sin and hatred
Mary watches the baby grow and grow
Waiting for the time to come
The time where she will have to finally say
“I Have To Let You Go.”

Danny Naglowsky

About the author

Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.