I Give You My all

I give you my all

I Give You My all

By Danny Naglowsky

Living in a world with nothing within
Having everything be taken away
Through the trails that I have faced
Losing things that I once had
Letting people go
Letting my dreams fade
Wondering what will happen next
As I walk through the ways of life
With no intention of turning back
Being empty inside
I say, “Lord with all that I have left,
I give you my all.”

Being stripped away from my mom
Losing contact with my mom
My cross weighs a ton
Having a dark past
Holding a lot of regrets
Thinking they will always last
Knowing I have a lot of debts
When Jesus saved me on the cross
I say, “Lord with a broken spirit and heart,
I give you my all.”

Tears roll down my face
As I remember those desperate times
When I cried out for His help
Wanting to be surrounded by His love and mercy
For Him to take me away from this life
For Him to clear the fog from my eyes
I enter into His glorious presence
Bowing my knees in remembrance
With myself being empty inside
Seeking the glory divine
I say, “Lord with my struggles in life,
I give you my all.”

I lift up my hands to God
Surrendering my life
Giving Him my all
Even though I may not have
All that I once had
I still worship Him
No matter how many times I fall
No matter how many times I struggle
No matter how many times I doubt
I will still be empty and broken inside
I say, “Lord because of who you are,
I give you my all.”

Because of what He has done in my life
Because He gives me love
Because He has forgiven me
Because of His glory from above
Because He is the most on High
Because He died for me
Because He took my place
Because He is my father
Because He is my savior
I say, “Lord, I just want to say,
With all that that I have left,
I give you my all.”



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Danny Naglowsky

Author and poet - I love the Lord and enjoy ministering through inspired writings.