Eleven O’Clock

eleven o'clock

Eleven O’Clock

By. Danny Naglowsky

A homeless man stands outside a store day and night. His daily routine: get up, go to the shelter to get cleaned up, go to the store, go back home, and sleep. For the past ten years, he has been doing this constantly and has never missed a task. He knows that if he would have ever skipped a task, his chances of surviving would be vague and limited. Each day, the store manager would chase the homeless person away from the store. Each day, he would go to the store and receive no money; not even a cent from the costumers that exit. After each attempt the manager would get, the beggar would scurry back to the alley where he lived. Penniless and foodless, he lived in the same cardboard box for ten years, not knowing what would happen the next day. Each night when he came to his supposed home, he would lie in the box with his head outside and stare at the sky. The stars would glimmer in a smooth rhythm as he plays a familiar tone in his head. He constantly thinks about his life and how great it was. Even though he has nothing, he still recognizes the life of his to be excellent and priceless. Tears would shed as he remembers his family and why they weren’t alive. Not only does he not have any money, he has no family. Today was a different day for him.

The sun shines its glorious light unto the man’s face. He opens his eyes and stares at the sun. After being blinded, he covers his eyes with his hands and moans. Rolling over to his side, he begins to drift off to sleep. He stops drifting off when he realizes that he has no food in his home and that he has things to do for the day. Getting up, he heads to the homeless shelter to get ready. After getting ready, he walks down the street and turns into the parking of the same store that he has been visiting for the past two years. He walks to the same spot where he has always stood and watches the entrance of the store to seek out a person in need with their groceries, he didn’t do this not for money or food. Standing in the same spot for two hours while staring at the door, he fails to spot a person. The people who walk out the door would either look at him in a creepy way or just ignore him completely. This didn’t get to him. He continues to be certain and his mind is set, he isn’t going to leave this place until he has helped someone.

As day turns to afternoon, as afternoon turns to night, he waits patiently and continues to ask people if they needed help. After each offer that he made, he received the same reply; a ‘what are you doing’ look and the ‘lift your chin up’ expression. He looks up at the sky and notices that the moon was shining high. Turning around, he sees a man walking out the store with a bare cart. A blanket lies in the cart and the homeless man notices that was something underneath, maybe more than one. As the man got closer to him, he asks the man if he had the time. Smiling, the man reaches into his cart and lifts up the blanket to get his phone, revealing an awkward object. His eyes caught sight of the object sitting in the cart. Captivated, he fails to recognize that the man was smiling while holding his phone in front of the homeless man’s face. He takes it and notices that the clock read eleven o’clock. Normally, the manager would come and chase him three hours earlier. He looks up from the phone and notices that the man isn’t there. Looking around, he begins to feel weary. Where was he? What happened to him? What should I do with this stuff and this phone? Those questions are being played in his head at a constant rate.

After standing next to the cart for twenty minutes, he glances at the cart and wonders why there was a blanket. Remembering that unique object, he grabs it and observes it in his hands. The object was a brass nail, a quite long one. To his surprise, there was no rust found on the nail. To another surprise, red stains replaced the rust. Holding the nail up to the night sky, he notices that the shadow of the nail was not the same. Instead, the shadow reveals another nail intersecting the nail that is in his hand. Confused, he places the nail in his right pocket and continues to look through the cart. He notices two objects underneath the blanket: a set of keys and a note attached to the keys. Picking up the note, he opens it and reads it. After reading the note ten times, he drops it on the floor and starts to cry. It was a poem:


Your problems will be gone
Your suffering and anxiety will decrease
Joy will fill your emotions
As your wealth increase
When you’re swimming in money oceans

Take these keys and use them joyfully
They will be to this store
To your new home
To your new car
And to the kingdom

Take this nail and keep it
Keep it and remember me
Remember that I am never far
That you will I always see
And who I will always be
For I am the bright shining star

There will be a day with no more tears
Where the sun will always shine
And no darkness will be found
Where the only sounds will be cheers
When the sun will show its light divine
And the darkness will drown
Then your joy will blossom like a flower
As the clock ticks the eleventh hour


It was eleven o’clock.



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