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Sharon Arnold

I love to write poetry...favorite topics are my pastor, his wife, family & the church. I wrote a poem "Are They Drunk, or is This That?" for a college class, entered it in a university contest, & placed 3rd, allowing me to opportunity to read this poem that describes this precious Pentecostal experience from a woman's point of view to a room full of professors, students, their family and friends. It was put in a student publication that I could not share because of the other material therein..


God Gave Us You

By Sharon Arnold / last year

God Gave Us You (for Pastor and Sister JosephDomingues) We turned to you as children, alone, in Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Six; We sought for love in your honored eyes, rejoiced to find reflected in our own, a new flame, and faith to dance in this new place! And what we saw in growing wonder, Our eyes […]