About the author

Sabrina Palmer

I'm a 20-something Apostolic (first generation as of 2001), a wife, and a mom only to my dog, Sam. I was born again in Starks, LA and migrated north where my husband and I attend the Chatham Pentecostal Church in Chatham, LA pastored by Andy Wilson. I have a passion for missions, children's ministry, and teaching. Personality type = square, phlegmatic - So anything intellectual, challenging, analytical...I'm game for it. Let's reason together.


The Absent-Minded Praiser

By Sabrina Palmer / a couple of years ago

It comes from the pulpit, the pew, and out of so many mouths in Apostolic culture. It is a haphazard disrespect to God and a disservice to our privileges as believers. No, it’s not gossip nor slander though they each wreak havoc enough in their own right. Someone in our movement needs to address mock […]

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