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Jeremy Spiers

Hi! Jeremy Spiers here. I am a 33 year old married father of 3, and a student at the University of Tennessee, where I major in Pre-nuclear medicine technology, minor in religious studies, and do undergraduate research in protein folding and computer modeling with the BCMB department. I was raised apostolic, and have spent the last 11 years ministering in various roles at the Pentecostals of Sevierville in TN. As a young lay minister, I enjoy wrestling with the problems we face in a modern world.


Not what I usually do

By Jeremy Spiers / last year

My 7-year-old got the Holy Ghost a month ago. During the altar call, she went forward to pray for a little friend, and they both prayed through. Most everyone else had finished praying, and the service had ended, but for these little children, something special was happening. Both entered into intercessory prayer and spoke in […]