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Hope Cross

Most importantly - my life is centered around living for God! Jesus has done so much for me - I simply cannot give an account of every blessing in my life! There are many that don't believe in God - but if you had seen and experienced what I have in my life - there is no way to deny Him! I love my life! I really couldn't ask for one better. I believe in being thankful for the blessings and for the trials - something can be learned in every one of life's situations! In my career I have many opportunities to learn something - I currently teach at-risk youth at the Department of Juvenile Justice. It is amazing. My passion in life is to impact the lives of young people - to be an example and a motivation to them.


The True Cost of Sin. The True Value of Forgiveness

By Hope Cross / a few days ago

  Living in modern society, I have come to realize that everything, and I mean everything, has a cost. Yes, even those nifty marketing strategies that try to reel us in by using the word FREE in big neon letters, will eventually have a price tag attached somewhere down the line. During a little bit […]


Just One More Time

By Hope Cross / a couple of weeks ago

Just One More Time This phrase can have many different meanings to people, as it did for me before tonight. As I was praying, “Just one more time,” ran through my mind, and accompanying it were scriptures from the Bible, found in the book of Luke. This book in the Bible tells the story of […]


Trusting In Him

By Hope Cross / a couple of months ago

Trusting in Him Isn’t it funny how the smallest words seem to have the largest, deepest meaning? Well, this word has certainly come to life for me over and over again during the past few months. In October of last year, I woke up with the scripture “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose […]