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Gary Madden

From the time we were teenagers, Donna and I felt the call to ministry and that brought us together. The years took us a few places ��_ South Dakota to begin a new church, evangelizing, pastoring in North Carolina, another new church in Clear Lake City, TX, pastoring in Louisiana, then again in the Houston area. Having been full of health, energy and vision, in 2007 everything changed as I was forced to a wheelchair and Donna battled a serious heart problem. October of ���07 we resigned from 34 years of pastoring. The Spirit is still strong and we know that ministry is not over. Returning to our home church, Life Tabernacle, we found strength and security and are beginning to be involved in ministry there. Primarily, our focus has been on the internet where we have established Net Global Ministries to minister around the globe.


Have We Really Lost What We Had?

By Gary Madden / last month

Have We Really Lost What We Had?   Two business men were flying over a lake almost home when one of them remarked, “Times have sure changed.  I remember when I was a little boy down on that lake sitting in a boat fishing and looking up at the planes flying over and wishing I […]